Epoxy Tumblers

Christmas Gifts

My Grandma ordered tumblers for my aunts/uncles and cousins, I think they have been delivered now… I am sharing, if you are one of the intended recipients and haven’t received it yet look away! These were so much fun to make!! However some of them were very nerve wracking as I wanted them to beRead More


Can you put Permanent Vinyl in the Dishwasher??

It’s been a while since I have posted….I have been busy getting some seeds started and spring cleaning….and then the website went down and it took me a bit to figure out how to fix it…but I’m back 🙂 I decided to try an experiment….can you put a coffee mug or water bottle with permanentRead More


Vinyl Coffee Mug

My wedding anniversary was last week and I decided to customize a coffee mug for hubby’s present. We LOVE big coffee cups around here and 1 was broken a few months ago so I found 25 oz blank mugs on amazon and had to get them. I used the free design from silhouette school sinceRead More


Craft Fail and Correction

I wanted to make a new label for our soy sauce bottle as we reuse the bottle and refill it as needed. I took the paper label off the last time it was empty so it could be washed before it was refilled. I decided to make a vinyl label…the problem came when I madeRead More


Confessions of a Messy Painter

So this morning we took our girls to Home Depot’s Kids Workshop; hubby helped C and I helped V. So painting with the 15 month old wasn’t as bad/messy as I thought it would be.. I got a bunch on my hands and V got some on her hands and behind her ears (not sureRead More



Rolling Pegboard Cart

My awesome husband helped me create this pegboard cart with C’s help 😉 Yes, she had to get out her own tools and help dad. (This was actually about 2 years ago) I painted the pegboard then did a stencil on all four sides before they put it together. The inside is built with 2x4sRead More